Cottage Price Negotiating


As the summer quickly approaches, some owners will entertain price negotiations in order to book their cottage entirely through the summer. Not all owners will allow price negotiations so please understand if an owner is not willing to drop their price at all. Also, owners are more accepting to offers when they are close to the stay date, so please do not expect to negotiate in January for a week in July. So after viewing the properties in our program, if you feel that the base rent may be too high for you and your family, feel free to call us at 1.800.635.7007 or Email us at with a price that works for you. After reviewing your offer, one of our rental managers will contact the owner to see if he/she is willing to accept such a price.

** Please note that Cove Realty has the right to deny requests which are not in the owner's best interest. **

If you have any questions about this feature, please give us an Email or call.

Tenant Comments:

"Thank you for the opportunity of price negotiation - it is the only way I could have enjoyed this wonderful home." - The Murphy Family (October '14)

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