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The Cove Realty Way

Outer Banks Beach Rental

Cove Realty is a business that is devoted to both the owners and renters of beach property in the Outer Banks. With a professional staff (each having years of rental experience) and a fully upgraded, online computer system, our office is able to effectively keep properties up to date and ready to rent.

We realize that vacationing is a special time for family and friends to gather and enjoy time with each other. So as a team, we here at Cove Realty wish to make your vacationing experience as easy and comfortable as possible. All of our rental properties are online and accessible to book featuring up to date pictures (both inside and out) for every unit, seasonal rates, a list of amenities, and weekly availability. So you as the renter will have a complete idea of how the cottage is laid out. We also understand that restaurants, gas, and so forth can add up to a lot of money. This is why we keep our rental prices incredibly reasonable. We will always have a unit that will meet your financial needs. We here at Cove Realty value our renters greatly, so whenever you need assistance, information, or help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here at Cove Realty, our owners are like family. We know that a person's home is a very precious thing, and therefore care must be taken when renting property. This is why every cottage in our program is constantly maintained, cleaned, and properly serviced. After you, as the owner, tell us what you want, from allowing pets, young adults, smoking, and so forth, we will make sure to abide by those standards. We also understand that when renting a property to others, an accident may occur. So when made aware of the event (either by tenant or cleaner upon tenants departure), Cove will contact you immediately about the occurrence and offer a healthy solution to solving the problem. Again, our main concern is your happiness, so please call us whenever you have a question, we are always happy to hear from you.

Property Management - Service Excellence

What Cove Realty Offers for All Property Management Cottages:

  • Evaluation of your Property to determine fair, optimum results
  • Advertise your property on our free rental list at no cost
  • Advertise, with picture, on our Cove Realty Website
  • Advertise on the World Wide Web at no cost to you
  • We provide distinctive "For Rent" Signs
  • Receive calls, arrange appointments to show property, make vacation reservations
  • Complete, written applications for required processing
  • Written move-in/move-out condition report
  • Collection of Rent, deposits, application fees, etc.
  • Respond to tenant calls regarding maintenance, concerns, complaints; and log actions taken
  • Computerized Monthly and Annual Statements via Mail
  • Issuing 1099’s
  • Compliance with current Housing Regulations
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Supervised Repairs
  • Delivering 3-Day or 30-Day Notices
  • Preparing Documents with Attorney on Evictions
  • Move-In/Move-Out Inspections

Payment of Expenses (Tailored to your needs):

  • insurance
  • mortgage
  • electric
  • sanitation service
  • property taxes
  • water
  • miscellaneous

Services to our Home Owners for Permanent (Year 'Round) Rentals
We qualify tenants for your income property
We conduct personal interviews of prospective tenants
We verify employment income
We verify bank ratings
We perform a credit check through TRW and Trans Union Credit Bureaus
We check eviction history and we contact owners of previous residences
We provide classified advertising
We network with local Real Estate Companies
We provide Internet advertising and 24 hour voice recording
We show your property with licensed Realtors

We Also:
Provide monthly statements
Collect all rents and any late charges from the tenants monthly
Provide complete and low cost required property maintenance/repairs

In Addition, our Home Owners Receive from our Professionals:

  • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of building management and maintenance - from fiscal analysis to carpentry and electrical inspections with a supervisory staff of over 25 year of combined experience and a licensed maintenance staff with over 30 years of combined service
  • Same day service in most cases, including 24-hour emergency response
  • Maintenance on-call and back-up system with one central phone number
  • Everyone in our staff lives in and is actively involved in the community - so, we are able to give you an indepth view of the culture and activities of the Outer Banks
  • Cove Realty’s “Preferred Customer” status with suppliers in critical product and service areas - such as wood and electrical supplies, sandbags and more, translates into reliable, master quality service for you
  • From the smallest task to the largest project, we will provide timely, responsive service
  • Our solid commitment to service and our superior business practices have resulted in long-term relationships with our clients - as seen in the many letters we have received from our satisfied home owners

Management Fees and Costs

Our management fees are negotiable and range between 12-18% of gross rents collected, depending on both the number and/or types of cottages owned. The length of the contract is for one year is negotiable. We welcome your interview. Come in and see for yourself the value we offer our home owners. Our management agreement describes in further detail our services, your obligations to us and to your tenants.

There is NO management fee charged to our home owners for vacant income property! Our fees are based on services provided and are quoted to our income owners on an individual basis. Fees are deducted from rents received each month.

The Cove Realty Team of Experts

President of Cove Realty - Roc F. Sansotta
As President of Cove Realty, Roc Sansotta has personally developed his property management, construction, and realtor teams from the ground up to become one of the Outer Banks most professional, experienced, and dynamic forces in the real estate community. Roc came to the Outer Banks from Northern Virginia where he began his real estate and property management career. He received many national awards for selling and listing properties throughout the area. He loved the Outer Banks and bought his first Vacation rental property here in 1991. He now owns several more houses, including the one he and his wife live in.

Roc took over full ownership of Cove Realty, after having been co-owner, in 1996. He greatly expanded the services offered to home owners and home sellers. Cove Realty currently manages approximately 150 rental properties and lists many homes for sale, while remaining the personal and family-oriented business Roc wants. He also wants to maintain a hands-on approach. Roc believes so strongly in this “hands-on approach” that you will see him working with the maintenance staff clearing debris, laying sandbags, checking on each of his home owners’ properties - every day! This has always been Cove’s strength - a personal approach - and a firm company foundation built on a high standard of integrity and dependability.

Property Management Staff

Cove's manager, Debbie Conklin is our Property and Office Manager. She handles most dealings with property owners and always makes sure that their properties are up to par and in perfect Rental condition. Debbie has been involved with Property management for over 30 years and has lived on the Outer Banks just as long. She knows each property in the Cove Realty program as if they were her own. She is an expert with all the answers. Debbie would love to show you how the Cove Realty property management program is the perfect fit for any Vacation or Long-Term property owner on the Outer Banks. Give Debbie a call today to book your Rental on the Outer Banks, or if you would like your property in our program, Debbie will be more than happy to speak to you about all the wonderful benefits you will receive by becoming a member of the Cove Realty family.

Ed Conklin is our Long Term Property Manager & Senior Broker for Cove Realty who has successfully guided numerous people in the purchase of property here on the Outer Banks. His years of experience will comfortably assure any new investors on the perfect property to fit their needs. Ed is also knowledgeable on all of Cove Realty’s Vacation Rentals and will be able to find the perfect getaway for you and your family.

Amina Sansotta is fluent in English and Russian and is one of our Top Reservationists, Housekeeping Manager and one of our newest Brokers. She is go-getter and will make sure to find the perfect home for your future. If it’s a Vacation getaway that you are looking for, Amina will help guide you through the reservation process to ensure you and your family find a rental cottage that perfectly fits your needs! As our Housekeeping Manager Amina will make sure your Outer Banks Rental is Clean and welcoming. Give her a call today to book your stay or sell/purchase a home.

Michelle Sanchez is fluent in English and Spanish. Michelle handles translations with our Spanish tenants. She also handles the Marketing for Cove Realty, both online and offline. She oversees operations with Cove Realty’s Bed & Breakfast and Motel. Michelle knows the Outer Banks like the back of her hand. She has been a resident of the Outer Banks for over 27 years and can advise you on upcoming Activates, Events, and Entertainment. Call Michelle today to book your Outer Banks Dream Vacation.

Anastasia Blankenship is fluent in English and Russian and is one of our Top Reservationists as well as one of our newest Brokers. She is more than happy to help you find the best Rental on the Outer Banks that will surely become like your second home. Anastasia is also one of our Housekeeping Inspectors and will make sure your vacation rental is in perfect condition for you to have a memorable time. Give her a call today to book your stay or sell/purchase a home.

Ashlee Budd is the newest member of our team. She is a great reservationist that keeps the guest’s priorities in mind when finding the right vacation rental for them. Ashlee does a little bit of everything around the office and is also the manager of motel accommodations in our program. She is dependable and honest, willing to work hard to make sure your Outer Banks Getaway experience is one to always remember. Call Ashlee today to find out what’s waiting for you’re her on the Outer Banks.

Danat Mayzanov is fluent in English and Russian. He is Cove Realty’s part time reservationists and full time maintenance technician. He specializes in Housekeeping and Carpet cleaning. Danat is always ready to fix whatever needs to be taken care of. He knows the properties very well and can guide you in locating the perfect Rental on the Outer Banks.

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