Finding the Right Beach Rental on the Outer Banks

When planning your beach vacation, there are many things to consider. Finding the right beach rental house is of paramount importance. You want to find a home that has plenty of room for you and your family, while also being close to the places that you want to go on your Outer Banks vacation. Here we will list a few things that you must consider before deciding on your vacation rental home.

Proximity to the beach

Almost every Outer Banks vacation plan involves spending a good deal of time at the beach, so do your homework. Oceanfront housing gives you access to the Atlantic Ocean, with breathtaking views, expansive beaches, and of course, swimming. The waves in the ocean can be powerful, and may not be the best place for weak swimmers.

Staying on the sound side of the island will give you access to a much more tranquil and idyllic body of water, the Sound. Waves are virtually non-existent, and the water is much less volatile.

Figure out which suits you and your family better, and this will allow you to narrow down your options in beach rentals.

Next, figure out how close to the water you’d like to be. Obviously, staying oceanfront will allow for a quick walk to the water, eliminating the need for a long trek while carrying your beach supplies. As a general rule, the closer you are to the water, the more you will pay for your rental house. Some people prefer staying a little farther away. There is much less foot traffic, and it is a bit quieter. Figure out which best suits you and your family.

What else do you want to do on your vacation?

There are literally hundreds of various attractions on the Outer Banks. There are fun activities and attractions for people of all ages, so do some homework before booking your beach rental. If you know that your family wants to do things off of the Outer Banks, staying at the far end of the island will result in a lot more travel time than is necessary by staying closer to those attractions. No one wants to spend the majority of their summer vacation in the car, so plan ahead.

When to check in?

Different realty and rental companies offer different check in options. Usually the choices for check in are Saturday or Sunday. A few companies still allow a Friday check in, but it will usually be Saturday or Sunday. If checking in on Saturday, prepare for an early, and long morning. You will be making your way onto the Outer Banks on a very congested road, with as many people trying to get into the Outer Banks as there are leaving. Traffic will be very slow going as early as 8AM, so plan ahead. The same thing applies when you check out, as the exodus of vacationers makes the exit route similar to the entry a week before.

A Friday or Sunday check in and check out will help to alleviate the possible frustration that the traffic congestion can provide. If this is important to you, ask around, and find a rental company that offers different check in options.

By keeping these things in mind, and planning ahead of time, you can help make your summer vacation productive, and relaxing. Enjoy your summer beach vacation, we can’t wait to see you!