Book Early this Beach Vacation Season

If you are looking to rent a vacation home on the Outer Banks, you may be surprised at how far in advance travelers start looking. It was no surprise that Nags Head made the list of top ten east coast beaches for vacation rentals, thousands of vacationers weekly already know this to be true. The Outer Banks are a tourist Mecca during the busy summer months, so if whether you plan on visiting for the first time, or the next time, be sure to book your house early. Many travelers have already fully planned their beach vacation, so don’t be left out in the cold. With so many exciting things to do on the Outer Banks, you will want to make sure that the house you rent is exactly what you want, and where you want to be. Here are some other tips to get the most out of your vacation.

Be Prepared for the Elements

The weather on the Outer Banks can be fickle. It is not uncommon for a cloudy morning to turn into a beautifully sunny afternoon. With this in mind, be sure that you have clothes appropriate for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. This also includes proper foot ware. If you so choose, you can spend your vacation in sandals, but many activities will be more enjoyable with different shoes.

Enjoy the Sun…Responsibly

Don’t skip the sunscreen. It is easy to be misled by a cool ocean breeze, or an overcast sky, that the sun is not that strong, or that it is not that hot. Trust us, it is. Be sure to apply sunscreen early and often, so you don’t have to spend a day in the shade covered in aloe. Especially true for children, reapply sunscreen frequently, especially after swimming. You don’t want to miss any of the beach fun.

Mark Your Territory

The Outer Banks coastline has few navigational markings. Especially for newcomers, it can be very disorienting. You may walk down the beach, lost in your head while enjoying the sights and smells of the ocean, and be unsure of how far you’ve gone, or where on the beach the rest of the family is. If you will be at the beach for the day, bring a flag, a tent, or even a kite. This will make it easier for the whole family to find home base when they need to refuel. Please be sure to take all of your belongings with you when you leave the beach.

Long Term and Short Term Vacation Rentals

While many people prefer to rent a vacation home by the week while on the Outer Banks, long term rentals are becoming more trendy. Typically these long term rentals are paid monthly, but the length of the stay varies. There are some things to think about when considering long term or short term beach vacation rentals, and we will lay them out for you. As always, if you have questions about which Outer Banks beach rental is best for you, reach out to a qualified realtor.

How much flexibility does the owner have?
Short term rentals offer the owner of the vacation home much more flexibility, as the beach house is usually rented by the week. If the owner of the home wants to use it for a specific week each month, they would simply make the house unavailable to be rented that week. With a long term vacation rental, the owner has much less flexibility, and reduced opportunities to use their vacation home. This is perfect for an owner who may not spend much time on the Outer Banks, or who does not want to constantly be trying to fill a home week by week.

How involved can the owner be?
Some owners of vacation homes on the Outer Banks are integrally involved with the rental of their homes, while others prefer to be insulated from this. For those owners who have the time and interest to be involved in the day to day operation, short term rentals are a favorable option. In addition to being able to charge a bit more for the rental, they will be aware of everything that happens at the vacation home. If the homeowner has no desire or time to be involved in the management and administration of the rental, there are two choices: Outsourcing that administrative work, or long term rentals. A combination of these 2 strategies is also an option. If an owner chooses to go with long term rentals, he or she will know who is there, and will not have to “turn it over” to a new occupant every week.

As an owner of a vacation home, you can choose how and when to rent it. There are pros and cons of associated with short term and long term rentals, but ultimately they help the owner control how their home is enjoyed, and by whom.

Living Near the Beach is Good for You

It is not a shock that people who live on or near the beach are more relaxed and content. The sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean are incredibly soothing. Recent studies have shown that those who live near the ocean report feeling healthier. This is opening many new avenues of study, investigating whether even a beach vacation can offer long standing benefits to physical and mental health. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are here on the Outer Banks. We will examine some of the reasons that it may make people healthier and happier.

  • Increased physical activity
    Whether you live on or near the beach, or are taking a summer beach vacation, you want to get out and enjoy the ocean. This means different things to different people, but there is no shortage of physical activities that the ocean provides. A morning jog on the beach is a wonderful way to start your day, as is an evening walk. Swimming and surfing are also frequent activities here, and all are excellent ways to exercise that are so fun that you won’t mind them. If you prefer a less intense workout, beach yoga is quickly gaining popularity.
  • Fresh, local food
    Lifelong residents of the Outer Banks are often in for a shock when they travel away from the coast. We have such an abundance of fresh, local food sources that we may take it for granted. There are hundreds of places to buy and eat fresh seafood, and even more choices on what type of seafood to eat. We also have many local farms that provide fresh fruits and vegetables year round. Not only is fresh food delicious, it is healthy!
  • Variety is the spice of life
    As a popular summer vacation destination, our neighbors can change weekly. This exposure to different people from all over the country helps to keep us mentally engaged. Also, since tourists here are happily enjoying their vacations, that happiness is contagious.

If you live near the beach, you are already well aware of the health and wellness benefits that it provides. The good news for our inland neighbors is that even a small dose of the beach can be just what the doctor ordered, and an oceanfront vacation can work wonders. Have other thoughts on why the ocean makes people happier and healthier? Feel free to share them.

Family Fun on your Summer Vacation

With the warm weather upon us, many are planning their summer vacation. It is no surprise that nearly a third of all respondents to a recent survey said that if they only have one vacation, it will be to the beach. Those of us that live on the Outer Banks, or any other seaside community, get to enjoy the beauty of the ocean year round. It is no surprise to us that our community consistently tops lists of best summer vacation destinations. This summer, some will be visiting for the first time, while other families have made this an annual family tradition. Here are some tips for both.

Find a Vacation Rental Home that Fits You
When planning your beach vacation, it is important that you find the right home away from home. Whether it is a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, finding the perfect beach rental will set the tone for the whole vacation. Many vacation destinations offer a wide variety of rental homes, with an array of amenities. Some people prefer to swim in a pool rather than the ocean. Others want to be sure that their vacation home is pet friendly. Whatever it is that you want out of your vacation, it all starts here. A perfect vacation rental will make as many lasting memories as climbing the lighthouse, so don’t settle for something that’s not perfect.

Create an Itinerary
Any popular vacation destination has literally hundreds of things to do on any day, in any weather. All of these choices, and voices, can be overwhelming. In order to maximize your time at the beach, plan your vacation itinerary before hand. There are many resources online that will help you decide where to spend your precious time. You can choose by proximity to your vacation home, or simply take the advice of others who have visited before. Planning your vacation itinerary will build the anticipation, and cut down on wasted time at the beach.

Remember the purpose of your vacation. It is to relax, recharge your batteries, and make memories that will last a lifetime. It is a sad fact of life, but many people can not unplug from work even on their vacation. Luckily, many can work virtually, either through email, or other means, but enough is enough. Set clear boundaries and expectations, and of possible, get whatever work necessary done at one time. This will leave you and your family free to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach. It is amazing how much more productive you will be after a relaxing and unforgettable beach vacation.

These are just a few of the basic tips that we have heard from vacationers over the years, but there are many more. Do you have a tip? Please share, and help others enjoy their beach vacation.

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Why Oceanfront Vacations are so Popular among Families

With spring upon us and another winter in the rearview mirror, now is the time that many families are planning their summer vacations. Since most of the country lives in an urban or rural setting, oceanfront destinations are a very popular vacation choice. There are many reasons for this, and here are a few.

There is Something for Everyone
Anyone with a family larger than one person knows that it is difficult to keep everyone happy and content, and there is nothing worse than an unsatisfying vacation. If you choose a beach vacation, the possibilities are virtually endless. At the beach, the kids can play in the sand, swim in the ocean, learn to surf, or even go fishing. For the adults in the group, of course they can join the kids in their adventures, or have a more relaxing time on the beach, reading a book, getting a tan, or just enjoying the sights and sounds that only the ocean can provide.

Beachfront Rentals are Abundant
When choosing a vacation spot, you still want the amenities and comfort of home. Since beachfront vacations are so popular, there are many rental options that fit most any budget. Some families want all of the amenities of a high end hotel, and there are certainly beach rentals that provide that. Others simply want a place to sleep and eat between vacation activities. Most beachfront rental communities have something for everyone.

Ocean Communities Cater to Visitors
The tourist industry is a great source of income for beach communities, and the local businesses and communities work hard to earn and keep your business. This means that the restaurants have added incentive to have fantastic, fresh food, and great service, the ice cream shop will stay open late, and businesses go the extra mile. There are even some businesses that will come to your oceanfront rental home to provide their services! Vacationers truly are courted like kings, because in many cases, businesses would not remain viable without the tourist’s business.

Taking a vacation can be stressful. The time and money spent to get your family together in the summer should offer a payoff of rest and relaxation. If you’ve never spent time at the beach, what are you waiting for? Millions of families can’t be wrong. You have worked hard all year, enjoy yourself this summer, whether it’s for a weekend, a week, or a month, you deserve it!

Avoid Another Crowded Hotel – Find a Vacation Rental on the Outer Banks

The beach is the perfect place to relax, absorb some vitamin D, and forget the stress of everyday life, right? Then why do you feel so irritated and uncomfortable on your summer Florida vacation? Your hotel is crowded, with children and rowdy college kids, and the beach offers little relief as you keep catching sand in your lap from the nearby beach volleyball game. Who can read a book among such commotion?

Only a quarter of those surveyed said that they use all of their paid time off from work each year. But when you think about it, it’s no wonder a whole 75% of American employees did not use all of their vacation time in 2013; work feels like a breeze compared to all the flight delays and crowded pools you have to endure when traveling to a vacation destination in the summer months.

If you crave peace, serenity, and relaxation in a low stress environment, you should be thinking about beach rentals on the Outer Banks for your early summer or fall vacation.

The times outside of the busy summer months, also known as the “shoulder seasons,” are perfect for vacationers looking for a more low-key break from work or school. Traveling to the Outer Banks in the spring time allows you to experience the region’s allure in a different light. Beaches are uncrowded, the nights are cooler, and the beauty surrounding you seems to pop just a little bit more without all of that hustle and bustle. Less travel time and fewer lines means more time to enjoy your vacation on your terms, and at your leisure.

Forego the chaos of a hotel. Outer Banks vacation rentals are ideal, as they afford the privacy and luxury that many hotels simply can’t provide. Oceanfront house rentals allow you to step out your back door and directly onto the beach. You can even find Outer Banks vacation rentals that sport their own private pool, hot tub, or covered deck! Between the amenities, the astounding views, and the oceanfront location, you may never want to stay at another stuffy hotel.

Only 37% of families say that vacations make them happy. Shouldn’t this percentage be higher? Why are so many families dissatisfied with their vacations? It is likely that the stress of cramped hotels and crowds at the beach are inhibiting their ability to relax and enjoy the time spent together. Find a beach rental that suits your vacation needs, and get back to enjoying your vacation time.

Here’s your stress test. If the circles are moving, you need a stress free vacation.

Are the circles moving?

If yes, you’re stressed. Meditate and play the video below. Imagine yourself here until your vacation time.

DIY Outer Banks Blue Crabs

Everyone has seen the joy and wonder on a child’s face after reeling in a fish. Whether it is their first catch, or just the first of the day, it is a site to behold. Now, imagine the look on their face when they pull in their first crab! The Outer Banks is blessed with some of the most bountiful and accessible waterways for crabbing, and it is an easy and inexpensive way to enjoy the day. Plus, you may catch dinner!

Two of the most popular ways of crab fishing are with crab pots, and handlining. A crab pot is a kind of netting that is made with mesh or metal wires. Bait is put all the way in the far end. Bait of choice for crabbing is usually raw chicken or turkey, usually legs or necks. When the crab goes into the crab pot to get the bit, the cone of mesh gets gradually smaller, until the crab can not turn around. This is not a very “hands on” method of crabbing. You throw the pot off of a pier, dock, or even a boat, and come back some time later to check out your catch.

If you are looking for a more interactive method, that is called handlining. Again, from a pier, dock, you would get a decent length of fishing line (25-35 feet should work) and you bait one end of it, by tying it securely around the bait. Next you throw the bait into the water. Leaving some slack on the line, you will be able to see or feel movement when a crab latches on to your bait. By slowly pulling the line in, you will lift the crab closer to the surface of the water, and scoop it up with a net. So singular is the crab’s focus on their meal, they won’t even notice you lifting them.

A few things to keep in mind: The best places for crabbing on the Outer Banks are in the Sound, or one of the many salt water canals. The Currituck Heritage Park in Corolla is a very popular spot, as are the vacation homes that border a saltwater canal, which are branches of the Currituck, Albemarle, Roanoke, or the Pamlico Sound. You would not do very well in the ocean, the water is way too rough. The best time to go crabbing is at the low, or ebb tide point in the day, and you should look for a depth of between 2-5 feet. Also, be sure to investigate if you need a fishing license ( Some areas require one for some ages, and some don’t. There is a limit of 50 per person per day, and also size requirements. Do a little research, and head out to the water, and maybe dinner will be on you! Have fun, and enjoy the Outer Banks!

See the Beauty of the Outer Banks

There are so many wonderful things to see while visiting the Outer Banks. So many people from all around the world come here to experience the natural beauty it has to offer. The Outer Banks also has famous beaches with amazing surf as well as fishing. Check this video out and get a glimpse of everything you could experience!

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