COVID-19 New Safety Policies


We will also be sending this information to your Email address 7 days prior to arrival, as well as post certain important notes on your check-in packet.


including what to do if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

We look forward to providing you with an amazing vacation experience, despite the current COVID-19 situation. With this said, we need you to read and understand the following protocol that now apply to our check-in/out procedures for all upcoming stays:

  • Our office will be open from 9am-5pm every day and is reachable at (252) 441-6391. In case of an after-hours emergency, such as loss of power/water, unable to gain access to your rental, and so forth, please contact our emergency number at (252) 305-5056.
  • If possible, we recommend bringing your own pillows and blankets for bedding.
  • On check-in day, due to heavier cleaning measures, please know that your rental home will most likely not be ready until 4pm.
    • Do not park your car or wait at the rental home. Our cleaners are instructed to not enter a home while other cars are present. This applies to both keyed entry homes and keyless entry. For keyless entry, only arrive on the premises after you have been contacted with your door code.
    • If your rental home is a keyed entry and we have notified you that it’s ready, please call us a few minutes prior to your arrival at the office so that we may ready a packet outside for you.
  • On check-out, please check out promptly at 10am and, if your home is a keyed entry, leave your key package on the kitchen counter. Also, expect a call from us around 9am-10am asking about your stay and reminding you to leave your keys at the rental home.

We understand your concern for cleanliness, and we have increased our guidelines for cleaning rental homes to match recommended COVID-19 disinfecting measures, which now entail the following additions to our standard cleans:

  • EPA registered disinfectants will be used to disinfect against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • Point-of-contact items will be disinfected, including but not limited to light switches, remote controls, cabinet knobs/handles, doorknobs, railings, chairs, and so forth.

Other Considerations:

  • We strongly suggest bringing toiletry items, household paper items, and hand sanitizer from your hometown, or somewhere during your travels to the Outer Banks. Our rental homes do not come supplied with toiletry items and such materials may be hard to come by in our area.
  • Many owners have removed small items like kids’ toys, puzzles, board games, knick-knacks, and so forth. If you are a returning guest, please do not assume and rely on these items being at the rental home for this year.
  • Please respect the "6 feet" rule when using the beaches and other public areas.
  • Most of the grocery stores on the Outer Banks now allow online ordering with curbside pick-up.
  • Many restaurants have returned to full occupancy, but have adopted their own unique rules and regulations, so it is recommended that you call prior to arrival.
  • If any member of your group suspects they may have COVID-19, DO NOT allow that member to vacation with your group and advise them to stay home. If you, or anyone in your group, suspect to have contracted COVID-19 and are currently on the island, please let us know so that we may take extra precautions when cleaning and inspecting your rental home.
  • Dare County no longer requires the use of a mask, however if you have not been vaccinated against COVID-19, wear a mask for the protection of others. We also highly recommend using hand sanitizer after going inside any public place or after touching any public item like gas pumps, credit card terminals, etc.
  • While your rental home will be cleaned up to new COVID-19 requirements, as an extended precautionary measure, we always recommend performing your own wipe-down of touch-points when entering a rental home, wash dishes prior to use, and always place linens on beds before sleeping in them.

Association Limitations:

Many associations here on the Outer Banks have adjusted amenity and facility policies and usage to limit exposure to COVID-19. As the season progresses, each Association has the right to further limit or expand amenity/facility use, depending on current health risks. Association decisions are in place for your protection, and no discount or refunds will be given due to any shut down or change in facility access. Prior to your stay, if you are vacationing at a home that offers community facilities, please call Cove Realty so that we can confirm current policies in place.

With all this said, concern for the safety of our guests and staff is of primary importance to us. We thank you for your understanding during these trying times, and we look forward to providing you a fantastic vacation experience here on the Outer Banks!

Thank you for your understanding to these new COVID-19 polices,

The Cove Realty Family

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