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Avoid Another Crowded Hotel – Find a Vacation Rental on the Outer Banks

The beach is the perfect place to relax, absorb some vitamin D, and forget the stress of everyday life, right? Then why do you feel so irritated and uncomfortable on your summer Florida vacation? Your hotel is crowded, with children and rowdy college kids, and the beach offers little relief as you keep catching sand in your lap from the nearby beach volleyball game. Who can read a book among such commotion?

Only a quarter of those surveyed said that they use all of their paid time off from work each year. But when you think about it, it’s no wonder a whole 75% of American employees did not use all of their vacation time in 2013; work feels like a breeze compared to all the flight delays and crowded pools you have to endure when traveling to a vacation destination in the summer months.

If you crave peace, serenity, and relaxation in a low stress environment, you should be thinking about beach rentals on the Outer Banks for your early summer or fall vacation.

The times outside of the busy summer months, also known as the “shoulder seasons,” are perfect for vacationers looking for a more low-key break from work or school. Traveling to the Outer Banks in the spring time allows you to experience the region’s allure in a different light. Beaches are uncrowded, the nights are cooler, and the beauty surrounding you seems to pop just a little bit more without all of that hustle and bustle. Less travel time and fewer lines means more time to enjoy your vacation on your terms, and at your leisure.

Forego the chaos of a hotel. Outer Banks vacation rentals are ideal, as they afford the privacy and luxury that many hotels simply can’t provide. Oceanfront house rentals allow you to step out your back door and directly onto the beach. You can even find Outer Banks vacation rentals that sport their own private pool, hot tub, or covered deck! Between the amenities, the astounding views, and the oceanfront location, you may never want to stay at another stuffy hotel.

Only 37% of families say that vacations make them happy. Shouldn’t this percentage be higher? Why are so many families dissatisfied with their vacations? It is likely that the stress of cramped hotels and crowds at the beach are inhibiting their ability to relax and enjoy the time spent together. Find a beach rental that suits your vacation needs, and get back to enjoying your vacation time.

Here’s your stress test. If the circles are moving, you need a stress free vacation.

Are the circles moving?

If yes, you’re stressed. Meditate and play the video below. Imagine yourself here until your vacation time.

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