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Dare County Beach Nourishment 2022

Repairs to Beach Loss After Hurricane Dorian of 2019

UPDATE 6/28/22

KDH – Currently in progress until mid-July

Nags Head – July 13th to mid-August

A new beach nourishment project is in the plans to restore beach loss that occurred immediately after the last project in 2019. Plans for this nourishment will begin in the Nags Head area around July and gradually move north into Duck by mid-September. However, as history has shown us, these nourishment projects frequently get delayed and prolonged, so exact dates of nourishment are not guaranteed. With this said, as in the past, Cove Realty will frequently send updates with each change, including exactly areas being worked on and date plans for the future.

To immediately be notified of beach nourishment updates, be sure to follow our NEW Facebook Page at the following:


Or check out Dare County’s website on Beach Nourishment at the following:


If beach nourishment is active in your area during your vacation, here’s what to expect:

  • Large parallel pipelines running across beach for sand pumping, with sand ramps for ease of crossing to the ocean.
  • Presence of bulldozers and excavators, however, work areas will be marked off from a great distance to not allow interference with work.

Beach nourishment is a necessary procedure that occurs every few years to maintain the beaches of our island, protecting our ocean-front houses and businesses.
If you have any questions or concerns about beach nourishment, please don’t hesitate to Email Cove Realty at info@CoveRealty.com.

We greatly appreciate your understanding in keeping our beaches great and we look forward to a fantastic 2022 season!