Family Fun on your Summer Vacation

With the warm weather upon us, many are planning their summer vacation. It is no surprise that nearly a third of all respondents to a recent survey said that if they only have one vacation, it will be to the beach. Those of us that live on the Outer Banks, or any other seaside community, get to enjoy the beauty of the ocean year round. It is no surprise to us that our community consistently tops lists of best summer vacation destinations. This summer, some will be visiting for the first time, while other families have made this an annual family tradition. Here are some tips for both.

Find a Vacation Rental Home that Fits You
When planning your beach vacation, it is important that you find the right home away from home. Whether it is a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, finding the perfect beach rental will set the tone for the whole vacation. Many vacation destinations offer a wide variety of rental homes, with an array of amenities. Some people prefer to swim in a pool rather than the ocean. Others want to be sure that their vacation home is pet friendly. Whatever it is that you want out of your vacation, it all starts here. A perfect vacation rental will make as many lasting memories as climbing the lighthouse, so don’t settle for something that’s not perfect.

Create an Itinerary
Any popular vacation destination has literally hundreds of things to do on any day, in any weather. All of these choices, and voices, can be overwhelming. In order to maximize your time at the beach, plan your vacation itinerary before hand. There are many resources online that will help you decide where to spend your precious time. You can choose by proximity to your vacation home, or simply take the advice of others who have visited before. Planning your vacation itinerary will build the anticipation, and cut down on wasted time at the beach.

Remember the purpose of your vacation. It is to relax, recharge your batteries, and make memories that will last a lifetime. It is a sad fact of life, but many people can not unplug from work even on their vacation. Luckily, many can work virtually, either through email, or other means, but enough is enough. Set clear boundaries and expectations, and of possible, get whatever work necessary done at one time. This will leave you and your family free to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beach. It is amazing how much more productive you will be after a relaxing and unforgettable beach vacation.

These are just a few of the basic tips that we have heard from vacationers over the years, but there are many more. Do you have a tip? Please share, and help others enjoy their beach vacation.