Take Your Kids On a Shell Hunt during your Outer Banks Beach Vacation

What’s your favorite beach activity?

 As many as 60% of Americans prefer to simply relax, 13% like to exercise on the beach, and you can find 2% of Americans posing for pictures they wouldn’t want their co-workers to see. So, why do you go to the beach?

A favorite beach activity for adults and kids is searching for seashells. There are so many types of sea creatures and underwater treasures. Why not collect some beautiful souvenirs to take back with you?

Tips and Tricks for Shelling on the Seashore

Take your time. Sometimes the most valuable treasures are buried the deepest.

Follow a storm. Once the waters have calmed down after a big storm, you will find droves of shells that have washed up on the shoreline.

Go off the beaten path. Don’t just look on the shoreline, spread your search a bit more and you will be amazed at what you find and where you find it. You might even want to check underneath your vacation rental.

Cleaning your shells isn’t necessary in most cases. The best way to preserve your souvenir is to wipe off the sand and keep it somewhere safe. The salty seawater smell will allow you to relive your exciting adventure for years to come.

In addition to shells, look for sand dollars, egg cases, and other small treasures.

Look out for hermit crabs! You may spot the perfect shell, but before adding to your collection, take a peek and make sure no one is living inside of it. Always let hermit crabs go free to help preserve the species.

Statistics show that vacations are the number one activity that makes families the happiest. In a survey, 33% of respondents said that they would rather visit the beach than relatives if they could only choose one holiday. Who can blame them? A peaceful walk or a playful romp on the beach with the kids while you pick out souvenirs doesn’t that sound just perfect?

You only have so many summers with your kids while they are young, which is why family vacations are so important for making memories and strengthening family bonds. Do something that you will all enjoy like staying at a beach rental and participating in active, outdoor summer activities. Starting a shell collection can be a fun family activity, or you can even make it a summer tradition.