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Take Your Summer Vacation in the Fall this Year

Many people know that the Outer Banks is a hugely popular summer vacation spot. Many of those same people must assume that after Labor Day the area shuts down, because we have been amazed by the feedback of those Fall vacationers. We will lay out some of the reasons for taking a vacation this fall on the Outer Banks.

Cheaper Vacation Rentals
“Off season” rental homes on the Outer Banks are significantly cheaper than in the heart of the tourist season.If you have had an eye on a particular home, but you simply can’t afford it for your Summer vacation, check out the rates for September or October. They will be considerably cheaper. Or, stay in the same vacation home that you are used to, while having a little extra money in your pocket. Maybe the savings will cover that fishing charter that was just out of the budget last year.

The Beach
The Summer months on the Outer Banks are hot. Although there is a beautiful ocean breeze, on some days the mid day temperatures are unbearable. Not so in the fall. It is a beautiful, temperate climate, and the water is still warm. The best of both worlds, indeed. Oh, and one other difference you’ll notice on the beach? You will have much more room to yourself. Certainly fewer people visit the Outer Banks in the off season, so you will have more room to yourself.

Your Vacation Home
Many vacation homes have amenities that are either unusable, or impractical for a summer vacation. A fireplace in an air conditioned home may seem counter intuitive, but when you feel the crisp fall air, it will make sense. Perhaps you can start a fire before you hop in the hot tub. Fall vacations mean getting to use all of the vacation home.

Fewer People
Similar to the less crowded beach, you will find fewer vacationers on the roads, in the restaurants, on the sand dunes, and most importantly, in front of you in lines. This means fewer time spent in the car, or in line, whether at the supermarket or the Lighthouse. This gives you more time to spend doing what you want. It is your vacation after all, don’t waste it in the car.

These are a few reasons that more people are moving their Summer Outer Banks vacation to the fall, but there are many more. Obviously, for parents with school age children this is not possible, but for anyone else, we would love to see you for football season!