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Beach Nourishment April Update

Here’s the Latest from the Town of Nags Head on Beach Nourishment:

Equipment is being staged on the beach and at the Forest Street and Juncos Street public beach accesses in preparation for the start of Nags Head’s 2019 beach nourishment project.
Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, the Town’s dredging contractor for the project, has installed a sub-line (the submerged pipe through which sand is pumped from a dredge offshore up unto the beach) at station 975, which is just south of Limulus Street and just north of Pelican Street in south Nags Head, near Mile Post 20.5.
On May 1, they expect to begin construction in this area and will be progressing south towards the southern project terminus near Mile Post 21 (at the town/National Park Service line). Once they have completed this area, they will then turn north from the sub-line near Pelican Street and begin professing north towards Outer Banks Pier and then towards Jennette’s Pier.
They are working to install another sub-line at the north end of town, between Conch Street and Hollowell Street near Mile Post 11.5, so that they can begin construction on May 7 and progress north to Mile Post 11 first, before moving south from the sub-line near Conch Street.

Cove Realty will continue to post notices and progress on FaceBook throughout the beach nourishment project!

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