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May ’19 Nags Head Beach Nourishment Update

Here’s the Latest from the Town of Nags Head on Beach Nourishment:

Nags Head’s beach nourishment project is progressing well with construction moving south towards the town line with the National Park Service at Mile Post 21. Once this area has been completed in 10 days or so, operations will turn north from near Pelican Street and begin progressing north towards Outer Banks Pier and then towards Jennette’s Pier.

The Dredge Liberty Island will begin working off of a second submerged line (through which sand is pumped from the dredge onto the beach) installed between Conch Street and Hollowell Street near Mile Post 11.5. Construction in this area is planned to begin around May 22, 2019 and will progress north to Mile Post 11 first, before moving south from the sub-line near Conch Street and then further south towards Jennette’s Pier. 

NOTE – Parking at the Juncos and Forrest Street beach accesses will be closed for the duration of the project, which is slated to last 90-120 days. However, pedestrian access will still be permitted. Lifeguard stands will still be in place, but may be moved a few feet to accommodate construction traffic. 

CLICK HERE for an up-to-date, interactive map of nourishment progress!

Cove Realty will continue to post notices and progress on FaceBook and our website throughout the beach nourishment project!

Beach nourishment is vital to the future of Nags Head, and we ask for your patience and understanding while this work is underway.

*More information can be found at https://www.darenc.com/departments/public-relations/beach-nourishment and https://www.nagsheadnc.gov/, where you can sign up to receive email updates.  Thank you for your understanding in keeping our beaches great!

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